Questions about the Multiplayer Mode:

Which ports need to be opened?

A: UDP port 3074 must be opened to play.

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How do I open ports?

Here we will explain how to open ports on a router. This works a little differently with every router, but collectively we can recommend the following procedure:

On XP:
Open the Start menu and click "Run". Enter "cmd" in the next window (without quotation marks) and press the Enter key.

On Windows Vista / 7:
Open the Start menu, enter the word "cmd" (without quotation marks) in the Search line and press the Enter key.

In the next window you need to type "ipconfig" (without quotes).
Various addresses from your network will be displayed - you need the address found behind "Default Gateway" - in most cases or
This is normally the address of your router.

Open your web browser and enter the address of your router into the address bar instead of an internet address.
Example (Fritz Box): 

Then press the Enter key -> your
router's menu should appear.

The procedure is a little different on each router from here on in. Often you must first enter a password before you can even access the router. (The default password for many routers is 0000 or the routers serial number)

Port controls can usually be found under the sub-item Settings-> Internet.

The rest of the procedure is explained based on a Fritz Box – anyone using a different router is advised to read their router's manual you can also find extensive information about your router at

Opening ports on a Fritz Box: 

Depending on the software version, the menu item can be found under either Settings->Internet->Port forwarding
or under Settings->
Advanced Settings ->Internet->Enable
Then click the “Enable new port” button.

In the next window select "port forwarding enabled for other applications."
Under "Name" you simply enter a name of your own choosing.
Under "Protocol", select UDP.
Now you must select the area in which you wish to open the ports.
In our example, we are only using port 3074.

So now you just enter 3074 in the “from port” field and leave the "to port" field empty.

You PC’s IP address should already appear under "to IP address”. (Otherwise you will have to click System -> Network devices (or network) in the menu on the left to find out your IP address).

And now you enter 3074 again where it says "to port".

So now everything should look like this: (The appearance may chnage, depending upon the Fritz Box software used) 

Now click "Apply".

And now the final result should look like this:


To complete the port forwarding you just need to close the browser window - all settings are saved automaticallyWink