Anno 1404 // Buildings

Leather Production

  • Pig Farm
  • Pigs Pen
  • Tannery
Lush grasslands are the perfect location for the Pig Farm. Only here, the breeding pigs can feed well enough and can ultimately provide the ideal requisite for high-quality hides. The pig farmer regularly has to say good-bye to dear animal friends as the tannery requires the hides. Der Schweinehof
The pig farm's pen. Das Feld der Schweinezucht
The Tannery gets its power from a water wheel. That is why it must be built next to a river. As he works, the tanner makes his way from the house to the water wheel over a beautiful little stone bridge. The hides from the pig farm will be processed into leather jerkins using the salt, keeping the population of the island warm and make an alternative to the linen frocks. Die Gerberei

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