Anno 1404 // Gateway to the world

Anno 1404: Gateway to the world (G2W) allows players to present their profiles, screenshots and savegames to others and to compare their achievements with each other.

Screenshots and savegames which the player has uploaded from the game can be grouped into galleries and tagged with a description. Others can go through the gallery, download the screenshots and savegames and rate them. In the gallery overview the average score for each gallery will be shown which should animate other players to have a look at the gallery and rate them too. On the main page, the five most viewed screenshots, galleries and savegames will be listed.

It’s possible to search for a specific player and have a look at his gallery and achievements. It’s also possible to oppose the achievements of the player with the ones of a second or third player.

  • How does G2W works?

The player has to create an online profile. This requires an account and password. The data of the online profile will be automatically updated while playing the game.

To assure a secure data transfer the player should always be online while playing with his online profile. The annoweb.exe which is running in the background while playing is in charge of the data transfer.

  • Why do some user profiles look different (fan-pack-owner)?

Pre-Oorder customers do have an exclusive skin for their G2W page. All functions are identically, it’s just a little design bonus.

  • Is registration needed?

Yes, to use the ‘door to the world’ the player needs to have a normal account. If someone is already active in the forum he already has an account and can use this one in the game. If there is no account existent the players get’s an ingame link to the registration page in the profile management.

  • What is going on ingame and what on the portal?


  • Achievements and medalls will be automatically uploaded while playing.
  • Change the profile: Nickname, avatar, color, emblems and titles will be visible in the main menu.
  • Unlock extras: New avatars, colors, emblems and buildings can be unlooked in the main menu.
  • Screenshots and savegames can be manually uploaded and downloaded, erased from the web and also locally erased, while using the option ‘door to the world’.

On the web portal:

  •  Download screenshots and savegames from other players.
  • Comment the data and group them to galleries.
  • Rate screenshots, savegames and galleries.
  • Compare player profiles and data.

And now enjoy ANNO 1404 and the G2W features.


               PEGI 12+

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