ANNO 1404: Venice

In the fascinating world of ANNO™ you’ll be able to sink into a wonderful archipelago world and set sails to learn to master the tricks of trading, of diplomacy and economy in order to build up huge metropolises.

The Add on ANNO™ 1404 puts the awarded strategy brand onto a whole new level.

In this add-on, come to discover the powerful city of Venice with its technology innovations and its strong economic system that allow you to take over a city without starting any armed action. With the help of your new allies, your occident cities will prosper and grow to mighty Metropolises!

Even though the add-on contains many new features, it stays in line with ANNO 1404 strategy game accessible for beginners and pros. Because of the new multiplayer based mode, intuitive interface, and pretty much brand new quests, every player will be able to discover his very own unique ANNO 1404 experience.

The ADD-ON ANNO 1404™ is improved, larger, innovative, living, and now allow you to share this experience with friends.

               PEGI 12+

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