ANNO 1503

The player begins the journey by setting sail for the New World, hoping to achieve wealth and power and to create a new nation and dominion. During the game, the player crosses incredibly detailed surroundings in four different climates. The player has to fight against computer-controlled opponents and interact with people from nine different cultures such as Africans, Aztecs or Indians.

Every culture has its own characteristics and traits, including their preferences regarding the placement of their kingdom and the method of trading and goods. If the player reaches a critical point in the game and the provision for the people can no longer be guaranteed, the trade in goods and services becomes an important factor in ANNO 1503 – The New World. The different economic systems are dependent on local factors; there is trade in different goods, from weapons and raw materials, clothing and food to more exotic goods like silk and spices. There are different ways to trade – an easy accessible trade menu allows the player to interact with other people and negotiate peace treaties. But some cultures prefer a very offensive and aggressive type of interaction, from which conflicts could arise …


Expansion: Treasures, Monsters and Pirates

Since publication in October 2002, the PC game ANNO 1503, developed by Max Design and SUNFLOWERS, has been a unique success story. Within such a short period of time, no other PC game was more successful in the German speaking region than ANNO 1503.

When developing the expansion set, customer requests were particularly considered and further game-play features were added. The ANNO 1503 expansion set enriches the fascinating ANNO world with three new endless games and ten further single-player scenarios with varying levels of difficulty. ‘Treasures, Monsters and Pirates’ also contains a new battle scenario particularly suited for beginners and promising quick success.

The enormous abundance of detail is continued in the expansion set: new animal species, such as bears, flamingos and crocodiles, freshen the vivid ANNO world. New buildings and flowering enclosures make the cityscape of ANNO 1503 even more diverse.


               PEGI 12+

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