ANNO 1602

ANNO 1602 – Creation of a New World. By combining construction and strategy within one game, ‘ANNO 1602 – Creation of a New World’ opens up a whole new genre of games. Far better than any previous trade or economy simulation game, ‘ANNO 1602’ allows the player to create a realistic and vivid world entirely based on your imagination. The aim is to discover an island world, to colonize and to expand it and to trade with other islands. But you also have to defend this world against possible enemies!


Expansion: New Islands, New Adventures

New Islands, New Adventures. New tasks await you. In challenging campaigns you have to prove that you are a true pioneer. Only if you solve all scenarios, you will reach the aim of your mission. You can create your own scenarios using the editor. Create new, individually designed island worlds and combine the many different subtasks to create your own aim. Many things you and other passionate globetrotters have already wished for in your first adventure are now possible.



Expansion: By Royal Command

Anno 1602 – an era of pioneers and discoverers, merchants and pirates. The ruler of the Old World send their bravest and best seafarers to build prospering settlements in an unknown island world and to gain power and influence far away from home …

Act as a courageous leader and complete a variety of tasks: rescue the survivors of a devastating catastrophe, free oppressed people and skilfully trade to provide your settlements with power and wealth. Defend your empire against envious people and heinous pirates and take revenge on your archenemies.

Far from home, the sovereign is counting on you – you are acting in the name of the King! – 40 scenarios (27 in campaigns, 8 single-player and 5 network scenarios) – Six campaigns with continuous stories describing the respective aim of the mission – Two introductory campaigns will prepare you for the complex missions.

With the introductory campaigns, even less experienced players can quickly familiarise themselves with important aspects such as taxes, boundaries as well as war on sea and land – Completely new assignments – for example, you will become a ‘flying merchant’ in one of the scenarios – Quick reactions in real-time to unforeseen events …


               PEGI 12+

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